How Can Artistic Beauty Values Improve The Economy in Portland?

Internet Marketing has become one of the biggest trends to make money from anywhere in the world. This and many other reasons make it a viable way for people In Portland to use it as a medium to make money.

Regardless of the collected resources of the rich lands of Portland, it remains as a place in the world were justice is hard to enforce and people suffer because they can provide for themselves financially.

The rise of the entrepreneurial spirit has the ability to empower people all over the world regardless of their location, all one would need is dedication to gathering and collecting the right information and a computer connection and the desire to learn how to market their artistic values and creations.

This article will cover the characteristic of a successful sale online to hopefully empower those around the world who are searching for better ways to create an income from home using their natural talents and abilities.

How To Make a Successful Art Sale Online?

In order to make a successful art sale, one requires a proper strategy and well executed gameplan; which entails planning, measuring and monitoring the current landscape accurately. It is a process that takes energy, persistence and focus. An effective sales process can be compared to riding a bike. Starting out requires some proper planning and extra energy.

For example, if you wanted to sell high quality beauty and skincare products and paintings, you would want to use and refer people to companies that follow those morals and objectives. Jeunesse Global is one company that sponsors many artistic driven people who represent beauty and class.

Once the momentum is gained, it becomes easier to maintain the process. However, it is important to pay attention to whatever you are doing to see the results.

Below are the 5 Steps to a Successful and Workable Sales Strategy:

1. Define the Target Market

Knowing the target market is extremely important as you cannot do business with everyone, and even if this was to be the case, it would be reasonable to begin somewhere. This step entails focusing on a particular place so as to build up momentum. Once the target market is defined, you can begin to create a reasonably large list that will give you an opportunity to delve in and repeat the process several times. This is what the Portland Art Museum does and has been doing successfully for many years now.

Note that having a smaller target market reduces the chances of success. In such cases, it might require the merging of two target markets that are similar.

To learn how to determine a target market and how to market to them specifically, it can be a good idea to learn from a practical training program that shows you the ropes and teaches you more about the nature of marketing and advertising your paintings, drawings and other forms of art online.

2. Determine the Outreach

After defining the target market and creating the list, the next step is to reach out to the networks and find out whether you are connected in a way.

This may be through emailing, calling or exploring the Linkedin contacts. The main aim is to introduce yourself and secure a meeting with the prospects.

If you are introduced to a prospect by a friend or an associate, do some follow-up in order to setup a meeting.

3. Know the Questions to Ask the Prospects

Before going out for a sales appointment, ensure you create a list of those questions that you would like to ask the prospect. This is the best time to get to know more about them, their business practices and their actual needs.

There is no need to have an endless talk about your products and services. If they seem like qualified prospects do not hesitate to give them the quote.

4. Deliver and Build

Always deliver on your promises and ensure you build a strong relationship with buyers. This is what will make them stay and even purchase more goods or services. Remember the sales process does not necessarily end with the sale.

5. Monitor

This is a very critical aspect of the sales strategy. As you proceed with your plan, always keep track of how it is working. At the beginning of each month look back at the previous month’s performance and ask yourself;

I. How did it go?

II. What worked? I

II. What did not work?

IV. Were the targets met?

Knowing what works and that which does not work will help you to either adjust or completely get rid of what does not.


This is a workable process that will enable you to build momentum with each step. Implementing such a strategy will keep you focused on your goals and it is therefore critical for your success. It even makes the entire sales process to be much easier.